Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank You Everyone For a Great Year!

Yes, folks, The Cinemated Man has finished the first season.
We thank all of you out there for tuning in!

Join the Fun!


naogym said...

did you see that new cub's video on ?

i found you (your video) on youtube.
and this video found from niconico-douga

i'm living on koganei too :)

Michael Chambers said...


I watched it on the Honda site when another Cub owner sent me the link. You can read our discussion about the ad and the '08 cub changes on my cubblog here.

I wasn't too happy with the ad or the changes, as you can see.

Yeah, what is that nicovideo site? Someone sent me that link before, telling me they found my Park and Ride video on there.

Oh, do you ride a cub in Koganei? Are you one of the folks who stopped me at Tsutaya after seeing my cub online?