Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Cinemated Man needs you!

Recent changes have made it harder and more difficult - wait, that's the same thing. Ok, let's start again. Recent changes have made it harder and more expensive (yup, that's the one) to keep The Cinemated Man doing the voodoo that he do so well. We are trying our best to keep advertisements OFF the films, clips, well, gosh, anywhere near to the site. (A few got close, but we scared 'em off with some three month-old kimchi). Perhaps many haven't noticed that not even a Google adsense box is shown anywhere on the site. We like it that way. We think you do, too. But we need your help. Any way you can. Here's some suggestions:

1. RATE:
The clips on YouTube and need your support. If you watch them, we ask you to please rate them if you can, and when you do, do so often, early, and dishonestly with as many aliases as you can muster without getting caught (5 stars! Awesome! hint, hint!) Sure, our clips don't show teenage girls jumping up and down on their beds singing into hairbrushes, pole dancing or anything else their parents would crucify them for, part 1/10, but we like to think that there are folks out there who are looking for a little more out of life than that, at the very least as a change of pace from part 1/10! We have to think that if a girl doing the aforementioned or even nothing more than silently staring into a webcam for 10 minutes can get millions of hits and top ratings while 12 hours + of editing in the abandoned movie theater studio gets a measly no rating, 62 hits, than we have to assume everyone out there would rather watch the girls on YouTube, and we'd be better off shuttering the place up and joining Edward G. Robinson as Johnny Rocco in a life of crime (actually, that doesn't sound too bad).

Don't be shy, leave a (glowingly positive!) review of the clip you watched, or even the ones you didn't. Remember, for every clip online, it has taken a lot of time, effort, and expense to get it there (or is it effort, time and expense?). We actually love what we do. And we hope you do too. So, if you love, like, or even barely tolerate the show, we'd like to know. We need to know! Because without your input, we might as well quit while we're behind! Remember, we love old Hollywood. We also know they don't make 'em like they used to, no matter who says they do. They don't. Period. So we celebrate the great classics, and not-so-classics in the best, most enjoyable way we know how. Sure, we don't get it right all the time. But who wants perfection? Was Thomas Edison's first effort at inventing the electric toothbrush perfect? Not even close! Was Alexander Graham Bell's first attempt with the invention of the Graham Cracker perfect? Of course not! Was Christopher Columbus's first search in the discovery of Columbus Day perfect? Fooey! But thank goodness those three men kept at it, and today we have electric toothbrushes, graham crackers and Columbus Day! Nobody's perfect. And nobody should be! And we'd be the first to admit it if we were!

Spread the word. If you like what you see, or if you think you know someone who may like it, let 'em know! It can only help everyone here to increase the audience size. (Also, with a larger audience, there's more people to blame if something breaks!)

We realize begathons are annoying. Heck, we've sat through enough to last a lifetime. But, some folks like to give and others like to take. It's all give and take, really. And it goes something like this...

(Hit it, boys! )
In this time of economic woe,
if you find yourself with some extra dough,
Don't worry,
Don't fret,
Don't let your sorrow show,
We ask you humbly and sincerely
Why not give to The Cinemated Man show?
and Let it grow,
Let it grow,
Let it grow!

There now. We don't want more of that, now do we? So, if you have any dimes, plug nickels, or Canadian quarters (Just kidding Canada!) we'd be mightly happy to accept what you can spare and put it toward the show, we can keep the movies comin', the advertisements out, and the website bills paid. Who could ask for more? Well, a lot of people could ask for more, plenty more! Including us! But it's a good start, anyway.

So, remember, a few words of praise and encouragement in the right place can go a long way...

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