Friday, April 18, 2008

Episode 1: Yongary at Heart

In this episode The Cinemated Man Proudly Presents...

Yongary - Monster from the Deep (1967)
Korea's answer to Godzilla!

Features the following:

A rubber monster, four jet fighters, at least two helicopters, a rocket, a mission control room, at least one burned tank and one crushed one, a jeep off a cliff, a battery of missile launchers - the good kind, the ones that tilt-up - sparks, flames, explosions and also a little blood in the water. It also contains a precocious kid, a whiny bride and a even whinier bridesmaid, a mother-in-law, a young genius, a bevy of useless scientists, hordes of screaming people, drunken businessmen, stoned youth, surfer music and a dancing monster with a horn that lights up!

What's there not to like?

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