Saturday, September 27, 2008

CineMan Extras: Ken Adam - The Man Who Drew Too Much

Ken Adam
If you like the look of scenes and mechanisms and vehicles and places in films like Dr. Strangelove, Goldfinger, Thunderball, and most of the other great Bond films, you'll know Ken Adam's work.

The Telegraph interviewed this magnificent artist, immigrant, war hero, raconteur.

(It's ironic that the cameraman and/or director of the interview has an annoying style of cutting off Ken's mouth for cheap inserts, as well as having both men's legs taking up more of the screen space than anything else. You'd think that interviewing such a visionary, they'd have hired someone who can at least see. And they show the interviewer's name, Chris Frayling, who is selling the book, far more than Ken's! Unbelievable. With that said, at least they interviewed the man while he's still with us. So many greats pass away, like Stan Winston, and no one says a word about them.

It's also amusing how the film critic here has to inform Ken about his influences. As if this guy knows. Granted Ken's work inspires connections to Bauhaus, German Expressionism, etc. But to force the link, to the point where Ken has to say, I've never thought of that before, makes you cringe at these so-called intellectuals who see more links than a sausage factory.

Sure, the writer has a background in film and art. But Ken has a background in life

Make me think of the great John Ford when asked about some nuance of film theory in The Searchers replied to the Harvard educated writer and fan, "I don't know what the hell you are talking about, son."

I love it.

But once again, we should be happy that someone is writing the book. So, Chris, you get some credit for that, as well as the profits, of course.

But truly, thank goodness to Vincent Korda, of the famous Kordas, who visited Ken's family and urged him to study architecture so many, many years ago.