Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Cinemated Man pilot episode

Pilot episode

The Cinemated Man

For our two year anniversary, we're taking a break and highlighting the pilot episode here for your pain or pleasure!

Rye Dano (aka Robbie Reilly) as Michael Chambers - The Cinemated Man
John Charles as his lifelong friend Miles
With Yushiro Nakai, Peter Paluska and an all-star cast!

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"How does a holiday end and a nightmare begin?

For michael chambers, architecture student on a solo tour through the Orient. It begins on a lonely road and with a mysteriously abandoned suitcase. It begins with a turn - a wrong turn, with fatigue and tired eyes, and a lit sign promising conversation and hot coffee.

Mysteriously drugged, Michael Chambers awakens to find he is a wanted man. An abandoned movie theater on the outskirts of tokyo, serves as his refuge. He is safe but for how long?

Aided by his friend Miles, he broadcasts his story to the world. Someone out there, maybe you, can help him, before it's too late."

The Cinemated Man

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