Thursday, May 27, 2010

SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS hosted by The Cinemated MAN

The Cinemated Man presents...
SCREWBALLS!!! Movie Marathon


Directed by Preston Sturges
Written by Preston Sturges
Music by Charles Bradshaw Leo Shuken
Cinematography by John F. Seitz
Editing by Stuart Gilmore
Art Direction by Hans Dreier, A. Earl Hedrick

The show must go on!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hack in as Anonymous. I know this blog doesn't permit it. But this a friendly FYI, cuz we love this site and we hate to see punks targeting a good thing.

So, here's some info on the person who got this video deleted:

He goes by the ID name of "Detective John Carter of Mars" at

His email address is:

He deleted this video at: PDT: 2010-05-27 at 04:45:21

When we have his ISP, we'll drop in again. ;P

Clarity said...

What just happened?

I adore Sullivan's Travels, please pass me the link as it is such a funny and sweet film.

Michael Chambers said...

Well, a chronic whiney little tattle tale reported it as a violation of copyright at

There are couple of 'people' who do nothing but hang around over at and send 'please delete' requests to the server admins. One of them apparently is (as provided by an anonymous tip above).

But don't worry, we expected such dastardly acts. And we were waiting to see who took the bait. Someone did.

So, we had a plan B.